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Rob James Kolomyski is an artist and educator based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Most recently his work has been selected for inclusion in the 2021 Drawing Discourse juried exhibition at the University of North Carolina, Asheville. In 2019, his work was featured at the Open Door 15 juried exhibition at the Rosalux gallery in Minneapolis, MN, and the One Shot exhibition at the Manifest gallery in Cincinnati, OH. He has also exhibited at the 2016 National Juried Exhibition at the First Street Gallery in Chelsea, New York and ‘The Retrieval of the Beautiful’ exhibition at The Painting Center, Chelsea, New York. Rob's work was also selected to exhibit at the ‘Fresh Paint’ Juried Biannual at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH. His most recent solo show was ‘Liminal’ at the Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. Over the last decade, Robert has exhibited at the Soo Visual Arts Center, in Minneapolis, MN; the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts, TX; the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, Taiwan; the Da Xiang Art Space in Taichung City, Taiwan; Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco, CA; The Lexington Art League in Lexington, KY; The Foundry Art Center in St. Louis, MO; and Max Fish Gallery in New York City, NY. 

Robert's work has also been selected for inclusion in several publications including the “International Painting Annual”, by Manifest Press, Cincinnati, OH; “Weak Painting” Exhibition Catalog, by Garden City Publishing Taipei, Taiwan, “What is Weak Painting?”, Review by Tzu-Chieh, Jian, Garden City Publishing, Taipei, Taiwan; and “Studio Visit Volume 8”, by The Open Studio Press Boston, MA.

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